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Shin pads with an instep extension
Art #: NL-SIP003
Shin pads with an instep extension to cover the top of you foot as well. Made of a/leather and high density foam padding. Two thick velcro straps to keep them in place on your shin with a toe and an arch strap for your foot.

This is a pair (2) of BLACK Instep shin pads made with high density foam padding for maximum protection with minimum weight. They close with an easy to use elastic velcro band.
Note that these are intended for use with "lighter contact" styles or point sparring. For something like Muay Thai or Kickboxing you're probably going to want something heavier (we would anyway... but then most of us have wimpy shins).
For sizing we usually recommend that you match your t-shirt size. Unless your body type is one extreme or the other, that's what we have them made to fit.

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