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Shin Instep Pads
Art #: NL-SIP002
When you want maximum protection, these are the shin pads to get. You can kick a door jamb with these and feel virtually no impact on your shin. Made of Injection molded foam and leather, they're not heavy and will last for a long time.

Their only negatives are too bulky to use for ground work and you can't wear them under your pants. But worth the compromise if you don't want to hurt your shins on anything!

Worried you're going to be attacked by flying baseball bats? Then THESE are the pads for you. We had them made from real leather and injection molded foam. That means they are tight and don't have any extra mass - they just provide an incredible amount of protection. Even though they are so thick you feel almost like a robot with them on, they are very light and don't restrict your mobility at all.

They have two straps on the back of the shin which close with Velcro and run through a metal loop. The foot (or instep) has a thick, wide elastic strap to keep it in place. The instep strap is in the middle of the foot, so it won't interfere with pivots on the ball of your foot.

For sizing, we recommend you use your (men's) t-shirt size as a guide. That generally works pretty well unless you're really thin or heavy. If you have thicker lower legs, you should probably go with a larger size. While the straps are pretty adjustable, big, beefy calves are going to want a little extra strapping.

These are used mostly for MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing, but they really work for anyone that wants to make certain noting is going to hurt you shins. We would not recommend these for grappling work where you plan to combine stand up and ground work without break. We do carry shin pads that work for that, but these would be too bulky to work well when you're on the ground.

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